Loyal to Quality for 75 Years. 

Here at Lower Falls Wine our role is to offer to our clients the best wine selection in the Boston area, or for that matter, the best wine selection available in the market place.

As a staff we taste, study, and travel extensively to continually refine our wine offerings. We are not content to merely respond to market demand; we challenge ourselves (and our clients) to consume (and cellar) wines of merit. Such wines can come from any number of regions, be of varying styles and showcase all price ranges. Shopping at Lower Falls Wine is an intimate/individual experience. It is like having oneʼs own sommelier who has tasted each wine assist with choices. Many offerings are not commonly recognized, they are selected on merit not popularity. As a relationship develops with our clients we are able to tailor our service and wine recommendations specifically to them.

The result of our effort and focus is a unique Boston-area wine shop where every product sold has been tasted by those who sell it. We know the wines we stock, the places they come from and, in many cases, the people who make them. As a result we can provide our clients with the finest service possible.

Our services include; fine wine, spirit and as part of our commitment to our customers, we make it a priority to visit as many vineyards as we can to educate ourselves and help us to offer the best selection possible.

At Lower Falls Wine we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Winery visits are an important part of our continued education and exploration of the wine world. Proof of this is in the list of vineyards we have visited.