Back in May, Mike Etzel, the founder of Beaux Freres in Newburg, Oregon, talked about coming to Boston "in November".  At that moment, no one could have predicted the 2010 harvest in the Willamette would run so late, make that very late.  Still on November 3d, true to his word, Mike left his recently-harvested and fermenting pinots for several Boston and Lenox appointments. On the same rain-swept evening that Portland-based Pink Martini was playing the Orpheum, he arrived for a whirlwind round of merry-making. Night one, was a Master Class at the Skinner Gallery, site of the preceding evenings wine auction.  Mike led an insightful commented tasting of his 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 bottlings.  Afterwards, the obligatory exchange of news and views continued at Troquet.  Ahhh what treats proprietor Chris Campbell can summon from his well-stocked cellar....

On the following night, Mike served Lower Falls friends and clients.  A different range of wines presented alongside with Mike's incredibly humble demeanor.  On a subsequent session in the Berkshires, he finally donned a suit - for the New York crowd.  We like to think our outings were more in keeping with this gentle farmer's truer, awe-shucks, attitude.

Mike, you're welcome back anytime - if we don't see you at Lumpy's Tavern in Dundee (OR) first!