In early November I was fortunate enough to join a half dozen others for an intensive, hands-on distilling workshop with micro distiller Cheryl Lins. Cheryl has been featured in many publications including The New York Times (12/22/09) and is on the forefront of America's micro distilling revolution. In her Walton, New York store front distillery, Delaware Phoenix, she has added Whiskey production to her already famous Absinthe (which is not available in MA but we are working on it!). Cheryl is a diminutive force who whips around her Christian Carl pot still with efficiency, quiet confidence and evident glee. She has researched American Whiskey extensively and is aiming to produce it as it was done pre-WWI. Over four days we did every aspect of hand producing whiskey, from grinding grain through bottling the un-aged Bourbon we had produced. The participants were from Michigan, Ohio and New York and I was the only one not in the process of starting a distillery!

An amazing experience, thank you Cheryl, now send us some White Rye!

UPDATE 3/11 we will be getting some this Spring.

UPDATE 4/11 we've just received an allocation of twelve bottles!