This is the time of the year when we all seek a white wine that tastes best outdoors, and with coastal fare. We've just discovered the perfect thing, Bruna Pigato Majé.

Lighter bodied wines are quite diverse; too often elegance and complexity are thought to be exclusive. Fine wine does not need to sacrifice the latter for the former. A perfect example is produced by a father and daughter team who craft single vineyard wines of great character, expression, and focus. They focus on Pigato, the name Vermentino goes by when grown in Liguria. Located on the Italian Riviera, the vineyards lie just to the east of Nice as you head along the coast into northern Italy.  The trick to producing fine Pigato is to use vineyards with proximity to maritime influences. Majé is a vineyard of blue clay 250 meters above sea level which produces a wine that starts off crisply, then fans out across the palate revealing layers of white fruits, stoneyness, minerality and bit of peach. This unique wine has an incredible array of aromas and flavors which pair perfectly with warm weather and fresh seafood.

BRUNA Pigato Majé 2015

$18 per bottle

$99 per six pack  or  $175 per case

This offer expires fourteen days from date of posting.