Our experienced staff has tasted every bottle of wine on our shelves. This seems an obvious requirement of our profession, yet it is rarely done. As a company we taste over six thousand wines annually, of which less than ten percent is added to our offerings. Having visited well over one thousand wine producing properties on every continent (save one, and they don't make wine there), we are able to asses the full spectrum of wines accurately. As a result, you will not receive better advise when shopping elsewhere.

Relationships are the key to our success. We are intimate with many of the winemakers and importers we represent, who in turn give us access to information not generally available. When this is combined with the personal relationships we develop with clients, the result is unparalleled service. Through the years, many loyal clients have expressed their satisfaction with our ability to track their preferences and source wines which they appreciate.

Knowledge and experience are brought together to answer one question: what is the application? Since we always begin with asking how the wine will be used, you are assured the finest choice. Be is a $15 Pinot Grigio for an aperitif or a $150 Burgundy to match an entree we will help you select the perfect wine for your individual situation.